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Correct use of reflow soldering machine

reflow 1020

1. Check the equipment: Before using the reflow soldering machine, first check whether there are any debris inside the equipment. Make sure the inside of the equipment is clean to ensure safe operation.

2. Turn on the equipment: turn on the external power supply and turn on the air switch or cam switch. Check whether the emergency stop switch is reset, and then press the green start switch on the device.

3. Set temperature: Set the temperature of the reflow soldering machine according to the parameters given by the welding production process. The furnace temperature of lead-containing products is generally controlled at (245±5)℃, and the furnace temperature of lead-free products is controlled at (255±5)℃. The preheating temperature is usually between 80℃~110℃.

4. Adjust the guide rail width: Adjust the guide rail width of the reflow soldering machine according to the width of the PCB board. At the same time, turn on the air transport, mesh belt transport and cooling fans.

5. Over-board welding: Turn on the temperature zone switch in sequence. When the temperature rises to the set temperature, you can start welding through the PCB board. Pay attention to the direction of the board and ensure that the conveyor belt continuously transports 2 PCB boards.

6. Equipment maintenance: During the use of the reflow soldering machine, the equipment must be inspected and maintained regularly. Especially when servicing equipment, make sure the equipment is powered off to prevent electric shock or short circuit.

7. Record parameters: Record the parameters of the reflow soldering machine on time every day to facilitate analysis and improvement of the welding process.


In short, when using a reflow soldering machine, you must follow the operating procedures to ensure the normal operation of the equipment and improve the welding quality.

Post time: Apr-08-2024