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The role of two wave peaks, advection wave and spoiler wave, in wave soldering.

Most of the current wave soldering machine is generally double-wave soldering. The two solder peaks of double-wave soldering are called advection waves (smooth waves) and spoiler waves. During double-wave soldering, the circuit board component first passes through the first wave of turbulent waves, and then the second wave of smooth waves.

The function of wave soldering spoiler wave:

Turbulent waves eject from a long and narrow gap, impact the soldering surface of PCB at a certain pressure and speed, and enter the small and dense soldering areas of components. Due to a certain impact pressure, turbulent waves can better penetrate into dense soldering areas that are generally difficult to enter, which is helpful to overcome the welding dead zone formed by exhaust and shielding, improve the ability of solder to reach the dead zone, and greatly reduce soldering leaks and Defects due to insufficient vertical filling. However, the impact speed of turbulent waves is fast and the action time is short. Therefore, the heating of the soldering area and the wetting and expansion of the solder are not uniform and sufficient. There may be bridging or excessive solder adhesion at the solder joints. Therefore, a second step is required. The two crests act as advection waves further.

The function of wave soldering advection wave:

Wave soldering advection wave is to eliminate burrs and solder bridges caused by turbulent waves. The advection wave is actually the wave used by a single-wave soldering machine. Therefore, when traditional through-hole components are soldered on a dual-wave machine, the turbulence wave can be turned off and the advection wave can be used to complete the soldering. The entire wave surface of an advection wave remains basically horizontal, like a mirror. At first glance, it seems that the tin wave is static. In fact, the solder is constantly flowing, but the wave is very smooth.

Post time: Apr-19-2024