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Wave soldering machine instructions.

A wave soldering machine is a type of soldering equipment used in electronic manufacturing. It achieves soldering of circuit boards by adding solder to the pads on the circuit board and using high temperature and pressure to fuse the solder to the circuit board. Here are the steps for using a wave soldering machine: UTB85r4BoGrFXKJk43Ovq6ybnpXak.jpg

1. Preparation work in advance: Start the equipment four hours before starting up to allow the equipment to preheat. Inspect all parts of the equipment and deal with abnormalities. Make sure there are no abnormalities before operating the device, such as damaged power cords, loose parts, etc.

2. Inspection before starting: check whether the power supply is normal, check the storage capacity of tin bars in the tin furnace, check the storage capacity and cleanliness of flux, and check whether all parts of the equipment are installed correctly and tightened.

3. Turn on the power: first turn on the main power switch, and then turn on the tin furnace heating switch. Pay attention to the tin furnace temperature display on the control panel. If the display is abnormal, shut down the machine for inspection.

4. Fill up the flux: When the temperature of the tin furnace reaches the preset value, fill the flux storage tank with flux.

5. Adjust the air pressure and flow rate of the spray tank: Adjust the air pressure and flow rate of the spray tank to the best state so that the flux can be better dispersed and sprayed.

6. Adjust process parameters: Adjust the process parameters of the equipment, including chain claw speed and opening width. The chain claw speed is adjusted to meet the production process requirements, and the opening width is adjusted to be consistent with the width of the plate to be processed.

7. Start welding: After confirming that the above preparations and parameter adjustments are correct, you can start wave soldering. Pay attention to the operation of the equipment, such as whether there are any abnormal sounds or smells, and the flow of tin liquid, etc.

8. Maintenance of equipment: During the use of the equipment, the equipment must be maintained and inspected regularly, including cleaning of the tin furnace, replacement of flux, inspection of various components, etc.

The above are the instructions for using the wave soldering machine. During use, keep the equipment clean and dry to avoid impurities such as water and dust from affecting the welding quality. At the same time, follow the operating procedures of the equipment to ensure safe use. If you have any questions or operational difficulties, it is recommended to seek professional help in time.

Post time: Sep-21-2023