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Automatic PCB DesTracker Machine For SMT Production Line

Short Description:

TYtech Fully Automatic PCB Destracker Loader Structural principle: The PCB is supported above the track, and the board receiving signal from the lower computer is received, and the blades on both sides of the board are pushed to the board transport belt to eject the board;
1.PCB size: 50*50-530*460mm
2.Transfer height: 900±20mm
3.Dimension: 600*870*1270mm

Product Detail

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The main function:
Pcb destracker loader is used at the beginning of the SMT production line to transfer the smooth PCB board. After receiving the key board model of the lower computer, the smooth PCB board is dropped onto the transmission track one by one and sent to the lower computer.

Product Description:
1.PLC control system, touch screen operation, with direct function.
2.The machine is small in size and can save space.
3.Manually drive the screw, adjust the track to adjust the width.
4.SMAME standard four-core model line, which can be directly connected to other equipment.
5.Belt conveyor adopts stepper motor
6.The stacked action parts are made of aluminum alloy
7.Conveyor belt adopts 7mm flat belt
8.With the function of loading and stacking boards
9.The operation control panel is a display and control true color touch screen
10.The number of fully loaded storage boards is about 200pcs

Detail Image

Automatic PCB DesTracker Machine For SMT Production Line (1)
Automatic PCB DesTracker Machine For SMT Production Line (2)



TYtech-DB 460

PCB Loading Time

About 6S

PCB capacity


Power Supply and Electric Load

100-230V, Single Phase, Maximum 150V.A.

Air Pressure and Air Flow Rate

4-6bar, up to 30L/minute

Transfer Height


Direction of Transmission

L-R or R-L

PCB Thickness

Minimum 0.6mm

PCB Size






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