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GKG High Precision Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer G9+

Short Description:

SMT High precision wholesale full automatic solder paste printer for PCB printing.
1.Max pcb board size: 450*340mm
2.Min board size: 50*50mm
3.Smallest component: 01005
4.Machine dimension: 1172*1385*1530mm

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1.GKG-G9+ automatic solder paste printing machine is a new product aimed at high-end SMT applications, which can perfectly meet the process requirements of 03015, 0.25pich and other fine pitch, high precision and high speed.
2.CCD digital camera system: Brand-new optical path system-uniform ring light and high-brightness coaxial light, together with the brightness function that can be adjusted steplessly, makes all types of Mark points can be well recognized (including uneven Mark points) and is suitable for plating Tin, copper plating, gold plating, HASL, FPC and other types of PCBs with different colors.
3.High-precision PCB thickness adjustment jacking platform: The structure is compact and reliable, the lifting is stable, and the height of the PIN needle is automatically adjusted by software, which can realize the adjustment of the position and height of PCB boards with different thicknesses.
4.Rail positioning system: Utility model invention patent. The detachable and programmable flexible side clamping device can flatten the top of the soft board and warped PCB. Through software programming, it can automatically expand and contract without affecting the tin thickness.
5.Brand new scraper structure design: Through the new scraper structure of the slide rail and the cylinder, the operation stability is improved and the service life is extended.
6.High-speed stencil cleaning: The dripping cleaning structure effectively prevents the cleaning from being unclean due to local lack of solvent caused by the plugging of the solvent pipe.
7.New multi-function interface: Concise and clear, easy to operate. Real-time temperature remote control function.

Detail Image

GKG High Precision Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer G9+  (1)
GKG High Precision Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer G9+  (2)
GKG High Precision Fully Automatic Solder Paste Printer G9+  (3)


Machine performance
Repeat position accuracy ±10um@6 σ , CPK≥2.0
Print accuracy ±18um@6 σ , CPK≥2.0
HCP-CT 18s/pcs
Process CT 4min
Change line CT 2min
Substrate processing parameter
Max board size 450*340mm
Min board size 50*50mm
Board thickness 0.4~6mm
Camera mechanical range 450*340mm
Max board weight 3kg
Board adge clearance 2.5mm
Board height 15mm
Transport speed 900±40mm
(Max) Transport speed 1500mm/s max
Transport direction One stage
Transmission direction Left to right
Right to left
In and out the same
Support system Magnetic pn
Support block
Manual up-down table
Board damp Automatic top clamping
Side clamping
Adsorption function
Printing parameters
Print speed 10-200mm/s
Printing pressure 0.5~10kg
Print mode One/twice
Queegee type Rubber, squeegee blade (angle 45/55/60)
Snap- off 0-20mm
Sanp speed 0-20mm/s
The template frame size 470*370mm-737*737mm (thickness 20-40mm)
Positioning mode of steel mesh Automatic Y-direction positioning
Cleaning parameteres
Cleaning system Dry, wet, vaccum, three modes
High speed cleaning Integrated & weave cleaning
Cleaning system Side spray type
Cleaning stroke Automatic generation
Cleaning position Pre cleaning
Cleaning speed 10-200mm/s
Cleaning fluid consumption Auto/Manually adjustable
Cleaning pater consumption Auto/Manually adjustable
Vision parameters
CCD FOV 10*8mm
Camera type 130 thousand CCD digital camera
Camera system Lock up/down optic structure
Camera cycle time 100ms
Fiducial mark types Standard fiducial mark shape
Round, square, diamond, cross
Pad and profile
Mark size 0.1-6mm
Mark number Max. 4pcs
Stay away number Max. 1pc
Machine parameter
Power source AC 220 ±10%, 50/60Hz 2.2KW
Air pressure 4~6kgf/cm²
Air consumption ~5L/min
Operating temperature -20°C~+45°C
Working invironment humidity 30%-60%
Machine dimension (without flower light) 1172(L)*1385(W)*1530(H)mm
Machine weight Appr 1000kg
Equipment load bearing requirements 650kg/m²

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