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Hanwha SM481Plus Pick And Place Machine

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Hanwha Pick And Place Machine SM481 Plus
1.Speed: 40,000 CPH
2.Applicable PCB: 460*400mm
3.Applicable Part: 0402 (01005 inch)~42mm (H15mm)

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The SM481PLUS placement machine realizes the TECHWIN identification method of medium-speed machine high-speed placement, that is, the on the fly identification method, and can realize the high-speed placement of 40,000CPH clothing of Chip components and 1.1 seconds of unit placement time of QFP components. The One-Gantry structure adopts 10 Nozzle high-speed keyboard-type head, and it can work with less manpower by using one side of the device. Compatible with 1,500mm long boards, which embodies strong PCB correspondence capabilities in the SM series.
And it is Compatible with small 0402 components to large 42mm IC, and by applying electric feeders, the actual productivity and placement quality have been improved. It can be shared with SM pneumatic feeder, so it maximizes the convenience of customers.


Mounting speed: Chip 40,000CPH
Corresponding components: 0402~16mm
Mounting accuracy: ±40 μm@±3σ/Chip, ±30 μm@±3σ/QFP
Corresponding PCB: L460xW400x1Lane (Standard), L1500xW460x1Lane (Option)
Positioning: flying camera + fixed camera (optional)
Mounting shaft number: 10 shafts + 1 cantilever
PCB thickness: 0.38-4.2mm
Number of feeders (8mm benchmark): 120ea/112ea
Power supply: AC200/208/220/240/380/415(50/60HZ,3Phase), Max. 4.7kva
Air consumption; 0.5-0.7MPa (5-7kgf/cm2) 160N/min
Dimensions: 1650*1680*1530mm
Weight: 1655kg

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High Speed Samsung SM481Plus Pick And Place Machine (1)
High Speed Samsung SM481Plus Pick And Place Machine (2)


High Speed Samsung SM481Plus Pick And Place Machine

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