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SMT O.5M High-end PCB Conveyor

Short Description:

This pcb conveyor equipment is equivalent to the operation test bench between SMD machines or circuit board equipment equipment
1.Conveying speed: 0.5-20M/min or customized
2.PCB Size: 50*50-400*330mm
3.Dimension: 500*788*900mm
4.Weight: 15KG

Product Detail

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1.modular design
2.Detection mode and automatic mode
3.The position of the induction stop plate is accurate
4.Ergonomic design, so that the arm is not easy to fatigue
5.Make the length according to customer requirements
6.Customize the number of suspension boards according to customer requirements
7.variable speed control
8.Independent fixing bracket and polished rod support, firm and durable, no deformation during long-distance transportation.
9.Double screw rods to adjust the track width, convenient and precise.
10.Increase the thickness of the track, no deformation, no jamming.
11.Anti-static workbench and individually controlled lighting.
12.The speed is controlled by the customer himself.
13.Customers can customize products with special length and function


Model TY-100
PCB Size 50*50-400*330mm
Belt type timing belt
Power supply 220VAC 50/60Hz
Power 100W
Transmission height 900±20mm
Transmission direction L-R or R-L
Dimension 500*788*900mm
Weight 15KG

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