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Wave Soldering Insertion Production Line 2.4M

Short Description:

Dimensions: 240*60*180cm

PCB width: 50-300mm

Conveyor speed: 0.2-2m/min

Product description: Automatic 2.4 Meter dip insertion line, it can be customized the size according to your requirement.

  • Brand: TYtech
  • Drive power:: 60W AC220V/1phase/50HZ60
  • Speed: Conveyor speed control by motor
  • Lead time: 5-7 working days
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Product Detail

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    Automatic Insert line conveyor 2.4m/3.0m

    insert line

    Automatic Insert Line Features:

    1、this machine is used for the PCB board plug-in components for the assembly, it is used in front of wave soldering machine;

    2、we can add tracheal tube, gas tube and other equipments;

    3、this machine is made of aluminum which sized in 40*40mm.

    4、the chain conveyor is smooth and reliable.

    5、we can handle the speed by stepless frequency.

    Technical parameters:

    PCB size: 50-350mm

    Speed: 0.2-2m/min

    Drive power: 60W AC220V/1phase/50HZ60

    Conveyor speed control by motor


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    Packaging and delivery:

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    TYtech can also provide full smt and dip line including reflow oven, wave soldeirng machine, pick and place machine, solder paste printer, AOI/SPI, smt handling machine, smt peripheral equipment, cleansing machine etc. Any requirement please feel free to contact us. 


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