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8 Zones Lead Free Reflow Oven TYtech 8020

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High quality smt machine lead free reflow oven machine for PCB soldering.
1.Number of heating zones: Up 8/Bottom 8
2.Length of heating zones: 3100mm
3.Max. Width of pcb: 400mm

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1.Heating zones: Up 8/Bottom 8, and 2 cooling zones.
2.Compatible with various welding process requirements.
3.Microcirculation hot air management system, fast hot air convection and conduction, fast heat compensation.
4.The multi-stage emission filter device meets the high emission requirements of the workshop.
5.The structure of the pressurized cooling zone, the furnace cavity does not need to be cleaned frequently, and the flux is filtered and discharged.
6.Humanized maintenance design, quick release and installation, easy maintenance.
7.High-precision transmission support structure, special hardening treatment, the guide rail chain is not easy to deform.
8.Built-in three-channel furnace temperature test program, real-time temperature curves of each temperature zone, to meet the high process requirements of the product.
9.Optional double guide rail system can use the energy consumption of one device to produce the benefits of two devices.

Detail Image

8 Zones Lead Free Reflow Oven TYtech 8020 (2)
8 Zones Lead Free Reflow Oven TYtech 8020 (4)
8 Zones Lead Free Reflow Oven TYtech 8020 (3)
8 Zones Lead Free Reflow Oven TYtech 8020 (5)



TYtech 8020

Heating System Number of heating zones Up 8/ bottom 8
Number of cooling zones 2
Length of heating zones 3100mm
Heating mode Hot air
Cooling Mode Forced air cooling
Exhaust Volume 10m³/min * 2 exhausts
Conveyor System Max. Width of PCB 400mm
Mesh belt width 500mm
Transmission Direction L→R(option: R→L)
Transmission Net Height 900±20mm
Transmission type Mesh and chain
Range of rail width 50-400mm
Conveyor speed 0-2000mm/min
Auto/manual Lubrication Standard
Fixed rail side Front rail fixed(option: rear rail fixed)
Components high Top and bottom 25mm
Control system Power supply 5 line 3 phase 380V 50/60HZ
Starting power 38KW
Normal power consumption 6-9KW
Warming time 20 mins
Temp. setting range From room temp. To 300℃
Temp. control method PID close loop control & SSR driving
Temp. control precision ±1℃
Temp. deviation on PCB ±2℃
Data storage Process Data and status storage(80GB)
Nozzle plate Aluminum Alloy Plate
Abnormal Alarm Abnormal temperature (extra-high/extra-low temperature)
Board dropped alarm Tower light:Yellow-warming, Green-normal, Red-abnormal
General Dimension(L*W*H) 5300*1320*1490mm
Weight 2000kg
Color Computer gray

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